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Founded in 1998, the Novagente SGPS Group is made up of more than 10 companies operating in various fields of construction.
From large-scale metallurgy and profiling in our 30,000 square meter facilities (Faustino & Ferreira and Perfitec) to the manufacture of aluminum and glass systems (Vidigal Alumínios), to the manufacture of furniture and interiors (WoodTown), to electrotechnics and electromechanics ( Poetics Engineering); the rental, management and maintenance of machinery (Clever Experience); earthmoving and project management (Novagente Empreitadas); from the development of projects and architecture (VisArqEng), to the assembly and management of projects (ACIETEC) to the training of young people and professionals (JLF Escola Prática de Engenharia), over the last 35 years the Group has assumed a leading role in the realization of projects of high dimension and complexity, differentiating itself by its demand, rigor, technological capacity and product quality.

In all its activity, the group has as fundamental pillars:

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Entreprises of Novagente group

Founded as part of the Novagente Group’s internationalization project, ACIETEC’s strategic objective was to become a distinctive player in the French steel fabrication and construction market.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a high quality and fully integrated construction and logistics solution, ultimately providing added value to all stakeholders.

In addition to assembly and construction management teams, as well as a 30,000 m2 steel structure factory, ACIETEC’s clients have a dedicated technical office composed of highly qualified engineers to develop construction projects and respond to clients’ needs during all stages of the projects.

Manufacture and assembly of metallic buildings and pavilions.

Production and marketing of high quality products.

Manufacture and assembly of aluminum and glass systems systems.

Development of engineering and architectural projects.

Manufacture of wooden furniture and interiors.

Electrical and electromechanical engineering.

Rental, management and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Manufacture of beer and other food products and event organization.

Comprehensive offer in the civil construction and public works sector.



Brie Comte Robert

The construction of 2 buildings for new offices and craftsmen in Brie Comte Robert continues. Our teams finish the installation of the main structure. Operation

A new project!

Acietec has the pleasure to realize the construction of two buildings for offices and handicrafts, with a completion date of June 2022. The company Faustino


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