Créteil Soleil

Bouygues Construction

Metal frame, glass and aluminum walkway.

ACIETEC has signed an agreement with Bouygues Construction to collaborate on the extension project of the Créteil Soleil shopping center.

The 18,000 m² extension project, led by Jean Mas, associate architect of Ateliers 2/3/4/, is in place of part of the existing parking lot, between the metro exit and the entrance to gates 13, 23 and 33. It comes to make a major space, with an entrance visible from the street, and a 2200 m² public passageway lined with some 20 shops and 15 restaurants housed on two levels, covered under a glass roof.

The worksite, led by Bouygues bâtiment construction privée since November 2017, required a lot of scheduling work. The work is being carried out in a constrained environment with the permanent maintenance of customer and logistics flows, without disrupting the operation of the existing center.

At an announced cost of €57 million (excluding VAT), the extension of the Créteil Soleil shopping center will extend the existing shopping center by providing a link from the center’s main entrance (Gate 23) to the urban transport system. This space allows the reception and transit of the 20 million annual visitors. 

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