Steel structure, Footbridge, Guard-Corps, Roofing, Photovoltaic power plants, Cladding, Wood interior, Roofing.

A ACIETEC has collaborated in the construction of two buildings called “Enkidu” and “Ninsun” for the world-renowned sculptor, Mr. ANSELM KIEFFER, whose works are worth several million euros. The project is located on an already urbanized site in the Paris-Est business park in Croissy-Beaubourg, and the two buildings will be more than 20 meters high and 25 meters wide, one of them even exceeding 160 meters in length.

These empty volumes, unheated and equipped with an overhead crane, will allow the production and storage of the artist’s works, as well as the prefiguration of artistic projects and exhibitions, before their departure to galleries and museums.

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