Square Vitruve


Metal framing of balconies, privacy screens and sunshades.

ACIETEC collaborated in the rehabilitation of a building of 56 social housing units dating from 1974, located in Vitruve Square. The conditions were difficult: a mineral context, a slab urbanism; but a district in renovation object of a great project of urban renewal and enhanced by the arrival of the tramway. The total surface area is 3,285 m², of which 227 m² was created.

The objectives were to change the poor image of the building, improve energy performance, and provide additional uses for the tenants. The new prefabricated facades were attached to the original facade (double skin) using angle irons: aluminum/wood double glazed windows, insulation (18 cm of rock wool) and semi-industrial corrugated steel cladding, the colors of which change according to the incidence of sunlight.

On half of the dwellings, the steel balconies were suspended from the roof thanks to the creation of concrete blocks placed in line with the partition walls. A green roof retains water.